The new Gnoss album ‘Drawn From Deep Water’ is being launched on the 27th April. Making this album has been a brilliant experience and we are really grateful to everyone who helped make it happen.

The album was produced by Ross Ainslie, (Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton, Treacherous Orchestra) who is an incredible musician and was a huge influence on our sound for this record. He gave us loads of tips and ideas to add to the new material and also did some of the additional recording in his space Great White Studios.

The majority of the album was recorded and mixed by one of Glasgow’s finest engineers and king of ‘nice noises’ Gus Stirrat (Fat-Suit) at Solas Sound. He also recorded the ‘Brother Wind EP’ and it was an automatic choice to head back to his studio for this album. Gus also gave great advice about how our music would translate and come across on a CD compared to at a live show.

The mixed album was then mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios in New York ( and finally it was printed by Birnam CD (

We were lucky enough to be able to invite a few very special guests on ‘Drawn From Deep Water’ including:

Each of these amazing artists did a superb job and complimented our vision of the Gnoss sound perfectly.

For the design of the album sleeve notes and images we picked a team of Oral Stevens ( and Martin Venherm ( Orla designed and painted a stunning canvas of us used in the photos of us taken by Martin. We are delighted with the finished product and would recommend both for any artistic project you have in mind.

Assembling this amazing Gnoss team was a joy and we feel that we have been able to create something that truly represents where we are as a band and we can’t wait to share it with you. It is also worth noting how grateful we are to all of you that supported our Kickstarter campaign to make this album happen, thank you!

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