Gnoss at The Wee Folk Club

On Sunday 6th November we performed as the Gnoss duo for one of the last times at the Wee Folk Club, in the Royal Oak, Edinburgh.

It was a really nice gig with a small audience in the basement of the city centre bar. Although small in capacity the audience took really well to our show of 2 45-minute sets split by a raffle and 2 floor spots with many comments of praise and several more CD sales than we expected.

It had been a long time since Aidan and I had done a full concert just ourselves after being away on different projects during the summer and working on 4-piece material more recently. This lead me to be slightly anxious before the show, although we have performed regularly for the last 2 years in similar situations, this one felt more uneasy. We always try and connect on a very personal, conversational tone at the smaller gigs as we feel it suits the music best but, having been out of practise at creating this feel, it took a couple of sets to get back in to the swing of it. It came back easier than I thought though. I was a nice chance to re-visit older material for the duo show.

With a host of plans for the 4-piece in a new direction with a different vibe these rare duo gigs will be a contrast as well as being equally enjoyable provided we don’t end up on the same bus replacement service home afterwards!

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