New Gnoss Four-Piece

We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week recoding new tracks for Gnoss with Scott Wood at his home studio. We are expanding the former duo of myself and Aidan Moodie to a four-piece act by introducing Gregor Kincaid (Bodhran) and Connor Sinclair (Whistles & Flute).

The new tracks are to promote this new four-piece outfit with videos, a photoshoot and updated online profiles to follow in Mid-November. We felt this would be the best way to take the band forward to new things after 2 successful years as a duo.

We planned out the dates and plans for recording early in the summer before we all set off for the holidays. We knew we wanted to represent the new act accurately by recording both a tune set and a new song. The tunes ended up being a set that myself and Aidan had pencilled together earlier in the year but had no definite plan, we got Gregor and Connor to come in with their own ideas and created a really varied and exciting piece. It represents the flow of the band with it starting off just fiddle and guitar and the whistle and bodhran introduced soon after. For the song, we had a few different ideas but came up against the fact that it was very hard to create something fresh from a cover. Therefor, we decided to have Aidan write a new one. We all arranged the lines underneath the lyrics and ended up with a song that had a fresh new sound that will hopefully appeal to a large new market.

The recordings are currently being mixed and mastered and we are preparing licenses for digital distribution. We are booking the venue to a new video with Gus Stirrat and photoshoots are scheduled. I am also making my business skills negotiated project related to the band by booking a short tour for next spring.

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