Paul McKenna Band Tour

This summer, I was luck enough to be asked to play fiddle for 2 trips to Germany with the Paul McKenna Band. This was due to Jack Smedley being away with RURA.

We had one weekend in Germany in a town called Konigswinter that was for the Seven Mountains Music Festival.

The following trip was a 2 week tour of Germany and Denmark. We flew to Hamburg on the  5th September. Having sampled the first of several German beers that night we headed to Ballerup, near Copenhagen, to play at an event called Balltopen Live. This was followed by a lovely acoustic evening at the Wintercoat Brewery near Sabro.

This complete the Denmark dates and we headed back towards Hamburg. The next stop was the Windros Festival (Pictured Below) with was one of my favourites. The crowd were fantastic. My favourite town was Husum, the next day. The venue reminded me of several around Glasgow.

With a stop for a workshop on the way, we drove to Bochum. This was for a few days off with barbecues, beers, a heat wave and loads of great people. We did a private house party show in the middle of these free days then travelled to Ludenscheid and Nurtingen for a festival.

The last gig of the tour was in a church in Dresden in the East of Germany. This was a lovely old building in a city on the border with the Czech Republic.

We flew back on the 19th September. It was a really fantastic experience and really enhanced my playing for songs as well as inspiring me to buy a new delay pedal when I got home!! It was hugely valuable touring experience and a real privilege to perform with a band I had followed for many years.

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