New Colin Tulloch Violin

In summer 2015 I ordered a Colin Tulloch violin to be made for me. Colin is a good friend and an amazing violin maker. He has done work on my current violin for many years and I have always loved the sound of his instruments so I decided it would be the perfect upgrade. It will also be very special to have an Orcadian fiddle custom made for me.

Before I left for Glasgow last summer I passed by the workshop to pick the wood I wanted for the front and back panels. The parts were about 3cm thick and when hit with a beater, rang out with an unbelievable tone. I chose the pieces I liked the most and left him to the work.


Back piece – Photo by Graham Rorie

When I was home for Christmas I was visiting Colin and he asked me through to have a look at the violin. I knew he had done some work on my one but he also had other instruments he was working on so did not know how far he had gotten.

img_0477 img_20160103_165243img_20160103_133627455  img_20160103_133604814

There is still some work to do including cutting F-holes, graduating the belly, gauging out the back, fitting the bass bar, carving the scroll, shaping the neck and gluing the pieces together.

Then the violin is varnished before the hardware and fingerboard are added.

I will add more photos as the instrument progresses and post recordings of the sound as the instrument opens out from playing in.

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