Gnoss at The Royal Albert Hall

In June 2015 I took part in a Music For Youth event with Gnoss in Easterhouse, Glasgow.

“Music for Youth is a national music education charity providing free access to performance and audience opportunities for young musicians across the UK through its annual season of festivals and concerts.” – Accessed 21 February 2016

The event was called Exchange and brought together acts of all genres up to the age of 21 to take part in workshops, talks and to give short performances throughout the day.

Overview for this year’s event: – Accessed 21 February 2016

Hosted by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Vic Galloway, Exchange is the unmissable event for any young person passionate about music – whether you’re a young musician, work with young people or the parent of a rising star. 

Exchange provides a unique festival feel combining live performance with hands on music workshops and practical sessions for young acts. From jazz to Gaelic, indie to folk, choral to classical, Exchange is open to all musicians. Last year’s event saw 33 acts performing all styles of music to 350+ people, from as far afield as Orkney to South Lanarkshire.

We had a great time at this event and learnt loads from a huge variety of people including tour managers, sound engineers, professional musicians and radio presenters.


During that summer while at home in Orkney, we received a phone call asking if we would be interested in taking part in the Music For Youth Proms in The Royal Albert Hall in London.

We accepted the invitation and travelled down to perform at one of the 3 nights of Proms held in the RAH. All of the participants had taken part in these MFY events nationally and we were one of the only 2 acts from Scotland.

Each night 1000 young musicians take part in a concert featuring full-scale orchestras, jazz bands, chamber groups, rock bands and choirs and more from all over the UK. The Albert Hall is an incredible venue.


screen-shot-2016-02-21-at-21-19-38.png screen-shot-2016-02-21-at-21-19-20.pngscreen-shot-2016-02-21-at-21-18-47.pngI still do not quite believe we performed in such an amazing place. It is something I would jump at the chance to do again.

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